Shigofumi and Death Parade: Empathy for the Living

Management: The issue and act of the episodes of these two shows, Shigofumi’s Episode 3: “Friends”, and Death Parade’s Episode 11 “Memento Mori” and Episode 12 “Suicide Tour,” is, of course, a rather controversial point of discussion in popular and private discourse, and so my intention, with this essay, is to posit Shigofumi’s and Death Parade’s musings on the subject in a thought-provoking way. Additionally, while I may hold a positive opinion overall of this show, this piece in no ways serves as a comprehensive review of the series, but rather an articulation and analysis of an interesting set of ideas brought up.

This piece also references a previous post of Shigofumi I wrote, which can be found here.

Death Parade 25

I published a little thematic piece on Shigofumi when I started out blogging. The piece is somewhat of a reflection of how far my blogging voice has come since. My writing then was less lengthy than it is now, by a considerable degree. It was more structurally rigid and emotionally reserved. Now, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m more confident saying a whole variety of different things. The Shigofumi piece ended up drawing some debate, and that debate pertained both to how I interpreted the show’s targeted message as well as the acceptability of the targeted message itself. I made no secret that I was supportive of that message.

That message was anti-suicide.

While it tells its a separate story, Death Parade makes the same message. It is critical of the reasoning that has driven many people to kill themselves. I understand that suicide is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, and what I will say will sound like suicide victim blaming. Consequently, I will make pains to clarify what kind of suicide these shows and I are calling out on. However, if the creators behind Shigofumi and Death Parade are willing to make these points unreservedly, then it would behoove me to not hold back.

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Uncivilized Fish Eyes | An Original Story

Management: Here’s the result of trying to come up with a flash fiction using (and taking some liberties) the key words or phrases “hiking across Europe,” “fish eyes,” “crows,” “breathing loudly while eating,” and “facedown on a desk,” in about 10 minutes during a creative writing session of English Practicum. In a nutshell, I made a funny. I decided that I might as well post what I came up with and have people praise, heckle, and/or criticize me for it. Feel free to provide feedback, and please enjoy.

You may think that hiking across a continent like Europe, the food available would be relatively civilized fare to the a civilized American. Europe’s a developed, metropolitan, civilized place that serves hamburgers, spaghetti, and country fried steak: German-American, Italian-American, and American-American… civilized fare like that. But then this civilized American sits in a European-American seaside restaurant, and, thinking it would be civilized, orders the waiter to get the special.

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[Award] Liebster Award Questionaire, or A Great Excuse to Tease Matcha

Management: Apparently I’m popular enough that anibloggers are consigning me to more blog work. Anyway, if you’ve either yet to read or entirely forgot the opening lines of my last self-reflection questionnaire post, I’ve set myself up to do these kinds of super editorializing posts in a super editorializing manner. These kinds of posts are a lot less formal, polite, and reserved than my usual Management content. I’ve subsequently labeled their style and persona as Non-Management.

Liebster 1

Liebster 2

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