[Update] Recommended Blogs and Potential Resolutions


Non-management: This is ZeroReq011, providing a long-overdue courtesy update. In brief, I’ve been fairly inactive and unproductive on social media and my blogging site as of late due to a couple of things. I’m still in that transitional stage of financial instability (aka looking for work), and I’ve been mentally dealing (or more like coping) with the mental fallout of the recent election. Reading books and studying Japanese have also taken a hit in my previously formed mental plans.

Both blues have been making me unmotivated to write or consult any talk of current events or political discussions that aren’t strictly at the local or abstractly at the theoretical level.  My Twitter page is set up as a news aggregator, and those I follow have been going through different stages of vocalized grief. Me? I’m firmly still at that stage of wanting to hear less of it, and the job search has been pretty stressing on me as it is.

That being said, I’m still perfectly willing to engage people in discussions smart and stupid outside of those self-imposed confines. That also means blogging, and I perfectly intend to continue with this blogging project on a more regular basis. This writing exercise is proof enough to me that I still possess some writing sharpness, so yeah.

Look forward reading more pretentious thoughts from yours truly in the future as I try to grease my bearings.


With that out of the way, let’s get to some more festive business. 2017 New Years Day approaches, and other anime bloggers have done their 12-day blogger reflections. As for me, I’ve been too lethargic to attempt any of that, but I might as well whip up something special (or at least unusual) to end this blog and 2016 on a lighter note. I created a Recommended Blog roll.

There are only a few entries so far on the page, but not to fret. It’ll be updated as I find spare time (It’s early in the morning over here) and interesting blogs (I recall less when I’m tired). The current anime friends/critics that I’ve listed (plus a paragraph of reasons for why they’re featured there) are listed either in the link above or the content below:

Atelier Emily’s for me, in full bloom: Of the myriad techniques writers can utilize to add that extra amount of gravitas into their work to interest readers, she employs the personal. Her most moving pieces beautifully weave narrative media to lived experience. They get people to empathize with stories from a resonant level by illustrating and demonstrating how deeply those stories touch her. Self-reflections can be difficult to write because they ask us to reveal difficult things about ourselves. Stories not only ease these troublesome aspects about our lives out of us. They also give us advice for how to address them and move on.

Bobduh’s Wrong Every Time: His writings have been one of the biggest influences on my decision to blog and the style of my blogging. The first time I came across them, they were articulate to the point of mesmerizing, and just as intelligent and thoughtful — to the point of bringing me to reconsider even my worldviews. Truthfully, I used to idolize him, and I still respect his editorials — even if I’ve long past the point of agreeing with every point in his arguments, and even as my authorial voice has developed beyond my previous imitations of his work. We’ve never really interacted that intimately with other, and he’s since moved on to greener pastures (and perhaps more fragile fields as he’s moved on to full-time anime blogging). If he recognize my username nowadays, it would probably provoke vague and fleeting memories. Nonetheless, I am immensely thankful to him.

Frog-kun’s Fantastic Memes: The narcissistic toad refers to his blog after himself nowadays, but it used to be called (and his banner header still refers to his site as) Fantastic Memes. To cut the difference, he’s a fantastic friend who can be counted on for a variety of content, ranging from smart editorials to amusing shitposts on Japanese culture at large, otaku subculture as translated, otaku media analysis, personal self-reflections, ship x ship gushing, trashy and not-so-trashy light novels, and pretty good to entertainingly embarrassing fanfiction.

iblessall’s Mage in a Barrel: My eternal foe in the eternal conflagration between optimism and cynicism, and also one of the first anime bloggers to reply positively to my writing when I was starting out (inadvertently propelling me to continue this blogging thing). His taste in anime is kind of shit, but the guy’s passionate about what he likes. He can articulate his arguments and musings pretty well, and he’s successfully translated that fandom passion and writing prowess into a personally fulfilling and pocket-filling career. He’s a machine. He’s human. He also puts up with my shit.


Happy New Year’s whatever day and year and I should really go to bed.

3 thoughts on “[Update] Recommended Blogs and Potential Resolutions

  1. I am glad to hear you’ve been taking care of yourself in the fallout of the election. Best of luck with the JET stuff; I think you’d be good at it!

    And, yes, of course, thank you for the (albeit somewhat snarky) shout-out. ^_^

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