[Crunchyroll Article] “How to Watch ‘Kino’s Journey'”

Non-Management: I sent another pitch to Crunchyroll, and another pitch got accepted. Here are the fruits of that: a piece on Kino’s Journey.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Crunchyroll for commissioning my article. Below is the (summary) short to the article. If you’re interested in reading it, click the link embedded in the title or at the end of the short:

How to Watch “Kino’s Journey”

Presenting a useful, if not definitive, way to understand and appreciate Kino’s Journey.

What’s a good way to watch a show like Kino’s Journey? Take it from someone who recently traveled to Japan—no matter where anyone goes and wherever cultures differ, the people we meet aren’t all that different from ourselves. No matter how strange their customs, there’s a recognizable and relatable logic to them. Like Kino, we just have to have the right frame of mind to recognize that… READ MORE HERE


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