[Crunchyroll Article] “Battle Royales of Anime: The ‘Fate’ Series and ‘Juni Taisen’ in Focus”

Non-Management: I sent another pitch to Crunchyroll, and another pitch got accepted. Here are the fruits of that: a piece on Juni Taisen: ZODIAC WAR.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Crunchyroll for commissioning my article. Below is the (summary) short to the article. If you’re interested in reading it, click the link embedded in the title or at the end of the short:

Battle Royales of Anime: The “Fate” Series and “Juni Taisen” in Focus

How these shows care for their characters, even as they make their heads roll.

Some people, like myself, will scan over a seasonal anime chart and skip over the battle royale titles. They just don’t like the graphic and gleeful violence that the battle royale genre suggests they’re all about. There are a couple of battle royale shows that are more than that though. One is the Fate series, and another is Juni Taisen. They care about their characters, even as decide to kill them… READ MORE HERE

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