[Update] Setting Up a Ko-Fi Account and Recommending Another Blog

Non-management: In my efforts to continue finding employment that will give me a stable income and personal satisfaction, I’ve been writing on the side. I like writing. A lot of that writing is featured on this blog. Other examples of my work are on Crunchyroll. I do earn some income from paid freelance work, but I’m still not making that much money. Everything that I write on this blog, ultimately, makes me no money. I’m not exactly breaking even in my monthly expenses at this rate,  but I’m also not comfortable with asking people to contribute to me monthly either. I don’t put out steady and consistent writing. I also lack a large enough following to support my blogging activities full-time, and I really do need to spend at least part of my time searching and applying for other work.

I do some of my writing at a cafe every now and then, and order small coffees so I can justify staying inside for hours to work. It gave me the idea of setting up a Ko-fi account. I’ve seen other people use it as a tip jar for their creative content, and I eventually thought “What the hell.” Donations are limited to set dollar amounts of $3 for each transaction (roughly the cafe cost of a standard cup of espresso). People contribute whenever they want based on whether they liked something they read, all without me creating a hard expectation that I need to write regular content to earn their cash. It encourages me to write more without obligating me to write on a schedule in the event I need to suddenly focus on other things. To everyone who contributes, I greatly appreciate it. It helps me a little and lets me know that people enjoy what I’m creating.

So yeah. Please consider supporting me on Ko-fi every now and then if you enjoy my writing, but feel free not to if you can’t spare any money or think my writing sucks or something. 

I’m also interested in doing private commissions on essay work for anyone interested. The topic and costs are something you’ll need to square with me in private, however.

In other news, I found another group that does good anime blogging work. Since this is an update post, I might as well also announce they made it on my Recommended Blog roll.

yaochongyang’s Pause and Select: I used to watch many anime video bloggers back in the day. As the ways by which I interacted with media became more complex, I’ve ended up having a falling out with most of them. Few of these video bloggers tackled anime with the kind of literary and academic analysis that educated as well as entertained. Much as I appreciate the evolving sophistication of anime blogging today (especially in the realm of sakuga), few still really scratch that educative itch of mine in the humanities and the social sciences. One exception is Pause and Select, a video channel whose offerings combine excellent editing skills with analyses of literary themes and interviews with accredited scholars to create informative and digestible content about anime and us.

One thought on “[Update] Setting Up a Ko-Fi Account and Recommending Another Blog

  1. Aaaaaaaaaa my boy Joe got a recommendation, coolness~
    Also good luck finding work dude! I’ll support ya on ko-fi when I get the chance

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