My Ko-fi

Please consider supporting me on Ko-fi every now and then if you enjoy my writing, but feel free not to if you can’t spare any money or think my writing sucks or something.

I’m not comfortable asking for monthly donations, in part because I don’t put out regular and consistent work. I do some of my writing at a cafe every now and then, and order small coffees so I can justify staying inside for hours to work. Donations are limited to set dollar amounts of $3 for each transaction (roughly the cafe cost of a standard cup of espresso). People contribute whenever they want based on whether they liked something they read, all without me creating a hard expectation that I need to write regular content to earn their cash. It encourages me to write more without obligating me to write on a schedule in the event I need to suddenly focus on other things (like family or employment matters).

To everyone who contributes, I greatly appreciate it. It helps me a little and lets me know that people enjoy what I’m creating.