Uncivilized Fish Eyes | An Original Story

Management: Here’s the result of trying to come up with a flash fiction using (and taking some liberties) the key words or phrases “hiking across Europe,” “fish eyes,” “crows,” “breathing loudly while eating,” and “facedown on a desk,” in about 10 minutes during a creative writing session of English Practicum. In a nutshell, I made a funny. I decided that I might as well post what I came up with and have people praise, heckle, and/or criticize me for it. Feel free to provide feedback, and please enjoy.

You may think that hiking across a continent like Europe, the food available would be relatively civilized fare to the a civilized American. Europe’s a developed, metropolitan, civilized place that serves hamburgers, spaghetti, and country fried steak: German-American, Italian-American, and American-American… civilized fare like that. But then this civilized American sits in a European-American seaside restaurant, and, thinking it would be civilized, orders the waiter to get the special.

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Humanity Has Declined: Monuments to Hubris

Management: While my opinion of the show is positive overall (broken records all around), this essay, by no means, is meant to serve as a comprehensive review, but rather, as an articulation and analysis of some of what I feel is this series’ most integral and interesting themes. This essay, in particular, is a breakdown of Episode 9 of Humanity Has Declined, “The Fairy’s Survival Skills.”

Humanity Has Declined 7

Monuments to Humanity

On the surface, Humanity Has Declined is a rather wacky, individual two-parter arc to singular episode based series employing a plethora of absurd scenarios and characters to carry attention and interest. The absurd’s certainly entertaining in its own right if executed with enough consistent finesse, but that’s definitely not the show’s end all, be all. Those moments are referencing something, satirizing something. Satire uses the oft ridiculous, but always the comic and sometimes even the surreal to make a critical statement about something or someone. Individuals who are otherwise dismissive of critical statements would find more palatable and receptive under a comedic framework. The creative angles afforded by a comedic framework may likewise encourage individuals consider issues in different lights.

What Humanity Has Declined is satirizing is humanity, and one of the human things Episode 9 of Humanity Has Declined, “The Fairy’s Survival Skills,” is satirizing is exceptionalism.

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