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Hanako 4

Chalk it up to a subconscious desire of mine to live my youth, but I love the medium of animation. It’s the only medium out there whose potential for visual and narrative storytelling are endless, of course, with enough innovation and budget. I love stories that provide insight, that inspire, that motivate people to think critically and become better for it as lords over themselves and  as citizens of the world, in spite, despite, in defiance, or even because of the suffering that’s endemic to our lives.

“The world is not beautiful; therefore it is.”

And I love when they told with theatrical flair, surrealistic flourish, sincere passion, and sincerity. I like human stories. Which is why I love anime, the only subsection of the animated medium that’s not afraid to dig low to reach high. Granted, not all anime are like this, but there are some that are, and just as kindness may be enough the world worth living out for, the human aspects of many shows make anime worth watching.

Political Scientist, History Buff, Lazy Musician, Lazier Writer, Anime Critic, and Somewhat Befuddled and Half-happy Existentialist.

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